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Become a Sperm Donor
Program Information

Thank you for your interest in our sperm donor program!

Our goal at AEM is to facilitate the matching of prospective parents with sperm donors. We arrange and manage all of the complexities that are associated with the donation cycle. With your help we are able to offer a chance for a family to deserving and loving people. You of course are a key to their hopeful family and successful journey. Without your selflessness, this opportunity would not exist for anyone. Please know that we will do our part to guide, educate and protect you throughout the process of sperm donation from start to finish.

Thank you for offering a gift that creates a lifetime!

Donors must:
  • Between age 18 and 40
  • Non-smoker
  • No personal history of drug abuse
  • No personal or family history of clinically diagnosed alcohol abuse
  • No personal or family history of clinically diagnosed depression
  • Healthy personal medical history
  • No tattoos or piercings within 12 months

As a first time donor, you will receive compensation for your donation in the amount of $3,500.

Proven donors who have a successful track record may request a higher compensation depending on their qualifications. We ask that you remain conscientious of the financial burden for the Intended Parents while considering your requested compensation.

* Please note that you are responsible for reporting this income to the IRS and will receive a form 1099-misc. from AEM for tax reporting purposes.

Different Types of Sperm Donors

Anonymous sperm donors are found in a database. You have no relationship with the Intended Parents and your identity remains anonymous.

Directed donor or known donor, is someone who is known by the Intended Parents.  You will have “met” eachother via video conference call and made your personal information available through the agency for future contact if desired.  There is no requirement for a relationship with the Intended Parents and their child.

As a sperm donor, you have probably heard of sperm banks.  These facilities usually bank sperm from anonymous donors for Intended Parents to purchase at a later date.  As a donor, you will likely have a 6-12 month commitment, often times requiring many visits to the center for your deposits and/or lab work.  Most anonymous donors are paid a small stipend with each appointment.

The AEM Preferred Donor Program is different.  Whether you are an anonymous or known donor, you will be placed on our anonymous database.  Once a match has been made, your commitment will be approximately 3 weeks where you will attend various appointments.  A known donor will be paid in full at the end of their cycle.  An anonymous donor will receive 50% of their compensation at the end of their cycle and the balance after their 6 month infectious disease test.

What to expect
Step 1 - Complete History & Photograph Screening
After you have reviewed and met the initial qualifications to become a sperm donor, the next step is to complete your Sperm Donor Application and submit 8-10 recent color photos (please include close ups of your face as well as a full body shot), as well as 2-4 photos of you as an infant/child and teen. Please do not include photos with sunglasses on or pictures of your own children unless requested. Once your application has been approved, AEM will activate your anonymous profile on our password protected website for prospective parents to view.
Step 2 - Getting matched
The process of matching can sometimes happen right away or can take months; it just depends on what our prospective parents are searching for. Once you are matched, you will be instructed to undergo a physical examination, semen analysis, genetic screening, and other various tests for infectious diseases. After medical clearance has been received, you will complete a psychological evaluation in-person with a local provider who specializes in third-party reproductive counseling.
Step 3 - Completing the cycle and donation
After medical and psychological clearance has been received, we will proceed with drafting the legal contract. You will be scheduled for your appointments upon completion of the contract.
Sperm Donor Application