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Sperm Donor Program
Intended Parents

An Eggceptional Match would like to take a moment to thank you for considering our agency and trusting our expertise with your family planning. We pride ourselves on being owned and operated by a fertility nurse with firsthand experience in the area of assisted reproduction. We are not only able to offer you some of the most qualified candidates for sperm donation, but also the medical knowledge to reassure you of the decisions you are making before and throughout your journey.

We realize the decision to use a sperm donor is not easy. At AEM we are here to help the process run as efficiently and stress-free as possible. We promise to help you navigate each step throughout the experience to increase your chances of success along the way.

Our donors are all carefully screened and range between the ages of 18 and 40 years old. Additionally, they are all non-tobacco users with a clean health history.

Once you have chosen a donor, our staff will council your chosen candidate on the time commitment, personal accountability and level of reliability expected from them prior to proceeding to the preliminary medical screening. Furthermore, your candidate will be fully advised of all the medical interventions and procedures they will undergo on your behalf.

First time donors are compensated $3,500 for their time and effort. A “proven” or “exceptional status” donor may request a higher compensation.

Anonymous sperm donors are found in a database. You have no relationship with the donor and their identity remains anonymous. With an anonymous sperm donor, there is a required 6 month hold followed by additional infectious disease testing required by the FDA.

Directed donor or known donor, is commonly found to be a close friend or relative that is willing to donate sperm.   With our program, many of our donors who are listed anonymously are willing to become known donors.  Wile you have found them in a database, you will have the opportunity to “meet” eachother via video conference call.  Additionally, your personal information will be available through the agency for future contact if desired.  As soon as the deposits have been screened, they are immediately available to the Intended Parents for IUI or IVF, avoiding the 6 month waiting period required for anonymous donations.

Sperm Bank:  Purchase # of vials based on your needs.  There remains an unknown number of vials for other’s to use.

AEM’s Preferred Donor Program:  At the end of the donation cycle, the Intended Parents own ALL of the sperm collected during that donation cycle.  Intended Parents have the choice on how the sperm is preserved, whether for IUI or IVF.  Additionally, Intended Parents have the option of choosing an anonymous donation or a known donation making the sperm available without the 6 month hold required for anonymous donations.

Having the same blood type is not necessary for matching, but if it is important to you for personal reasons, the following will help explain the inheritance pattern of blood typing:

O and OO
O and AO or A
O and BO or B
O and ABO or B
A and AO or A
A and BO, A, B or AB
A and ABA, B or AB
B and BO or B
B and ABA, B, or AB
AB and ABA, B or AB
A and AA or O
A and BA, B or O
A and OA or O
B and BB or O
B and OB or O
O and OMust be O
AAny type
BAny type
OMust be O
ABAny type
AAB but not O*
BAB but not O*
OMust be O
ABAny type
What to expect
Step 1 - Complete the questionnaire
Intended parents are asked to complete a Recipient Questionnaire along with providing 1-2 photos of themselves. Personal files and photos are for the private use of AEM with the intention of matching candidates with prospective parents and will not be shared with any third parties.
Step 2 - Choosing a donor candidate
We understand choosing a donor candidate can be an overwhelming process. At AEM, we pride ourselves on doing things differently, with your needs in mind. We do not charge for our matching services or viewing of our database. In addition, all of our donor “long” profiles are available upon request. Some things to consider while reviewing your candidate may be: anonymous vs. known donations, physical characteristics, family history, personality traits, academic, artistic or musical background. Only you can determine what is most important for your family building. Once you have reached a decision on your donor choice, a non-refundable but transferable $500 retainer will place the candidate on “hold.” AEM will submit the candidates profile to the fertility clinic for preliminary clinical approval.

We offer both anonymous & known donors.

Step 3 - Donor approval and payment
Following your donor candidate’s preliminary clinical approval, the agency agreement needs to be signed and escrow account funded in full prior to proceeding.
Step 4 - Donor testing & evaluations
Once you are matched, your donor will be instructed to undergo a physical examination, semen analysis, genetic screening, and other various tests for infectious diseases. After medical clearance has been received, a licensed social worker or psychologist will screen your donor candidate by performing a face to face interview and written MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) test.
Step 5 - Legal contracts
Legal contracts will be originated by attorneys within the AEM referral network. AEM will coordinate legal counsel for the egg donor on behalf of the prospective parents. If the prospective parents use legal counsel outside the AEM referral network please note that flat fee quotes would not apply. The prospective parents reserve the right to waive legal counsel or seek alternative representation on their own behalf. Please note that legal counsel must specialize in reproductive law and be licensed to practice law in the state that you will be working in. AEM encourages all parties to seek legal representation.
You should also be counseled by your fertility clinic at this point about genetic screening for any inherited diseases that could occur with his particular ethnicity; these could include but are not limited to Cystic Fibrosis, Tay-Sachs, Thalassemia, Sickle Cell Anemia, Fragile X and Spinal Muscular Atrophy.
Step 6 - Completing the donation
After clinical & psychological clearance has been received, your donor will work with a locally approved sperm collection and processing center (usually an andrologist or sperm bank) to complete his donation cycle. The availability of your donors sperm is dependent on the type of donation you have agreed to (known vs. anonymous) and the type of testing you have requested.
Intended Parent Questionnaire
Sperm Donor Database