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Frequently Asked Questions
Gestational Carrier

Can I still be a GC if I don’t have health insurance?

An Eggceptional Match will coordinate with a 3rd party broker to locate an insurance policy that the intended parents may purchase for the duration of the pregnancy.

What is common compensation for a GC?

Colorado GC’s are compensated $35K and up. This is your base compensation not including initial stipends listed on the fee schedule. Compensation is paid out as the cycle progresses and as we reach successful milestones.

What does it mean to be a gestational carrier?

A gestational carrier has absolutely no genetic link to the baby (babies) she is carrying. The intended mother or egg donor provides the egg and the intended father or sperm donor provides the sperm. The gestational carrier is strictly the carrier and, again, has no biological connection to the child.

Does An Eggceptional Match coordinate cycles out of state?

Yes. AEM matches Intended parents to egg donors and Gestational Carriers throughout the United States and globally.

How long does it take to be matched?

An Eggceptional Match is a full service agency that custom matches you. The length of time can vary. A match can be successful within in a few weeks or sometimes it can take a few months. It is possible that a match does not occur. A custom and thoughtful match depends on many factors including personalities, location, fees, insurance coverage and compatible moral/ethical beliefs. Although we realize you are eager to get started on your journey, we strive to ensure the best possible match based on all parties’ desires and needs.

Do you use my eggs for the pregnancy?

No, at An Eggceptional match we only offer gestational surrogacy. Therefore, there is no genetic link between the surrogate and unborn child.

Do my religious preferences or cultural beliefs have an effect on matching with IP’s?

Yes, it could. Each match is unique and that may be one of the criteria the IPs are seeking for their journey.

What if I don’t become pregnant?

Typically, Intended Parents ask for a commitment from you of up to 3 embryo transfers.

Why would I not be accepted into the gestational surrogacy program?

Being denied from our GC program mostly relates to the state you reside in and the legalities regarding surrogacy there. Aside from that, the delivery records from your previous pregnancies must be free of any serious medical and psychological complications. You must also be cleared by your doctor in writing that states you are physically capable of carrying another pregnancy.

Why does receiving government assistance disqualify me?

A gestational carrier must be financially stable in order to qualify as a GC. It is also an attribute that most Intended Parents look for and can indicate that you are pursuing gestational surrogacy because of your desire to help others. Also, the compensation earned could cause you to become ineligible for most government assisted programs.

What am I responsible for after the baby is born?

Nothing, besides take care of yourself!

What types of rules/laws are in place to protect me?

An Eggceptional Match will refer legal counsel to you during your cycle who are versed in our industry and familiar with the laws and statues in the state of your planned delivery.

What kind of legal contract is required to protect me?

Your contract will be specifically originated for gestational surrogacy in the state where the birth will take place. It will include all information pertaining to finances, the birth plan and all expectations of all parties. In Colorado a PBO (pre-birth order) will determine the legal parent(s) of the offspring prior to delivery.

What is included in a legal contract that a GC would sign?

This is a very lengthy and detailed document.  Your referred counsel will draft and review in detail with you prior to finalization.

Is there an emergency number for 24/7 contact?

We do supply an after-hours number, however, for true medical emergencies you would be advised to call 911 or your fertility doctor for an immediate medical need.