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Frequently Asked Questions
Gestational Carrier

What does it mean to be a gestational carrier?

A gestational carrier is a woman who chooses to become pregnant via embryo transfer and then carry the pregnancy for the Intended Parents. A gestational carrier has no biological link to the baby (babies) she is carrying. The egg is provided by the intended mother (or egg donor), and the sperm is provided by the intended father (or sperm donor). Again, the gestational carrier is solely responsible for carrying the child and has no biological connection to the child.

Does An Eggceptional Match coordinate cycles out of state?

Yes. AEM matches Intended parents with egg donors and gestational carriers (also referred to as surrogates) throughout the United States and internationally.

Can I be a GC if I do not have insurance?

If your personal insurance has a clear exclusion or you are currently uninsured, AEM will refer the Intended Parents you have been matched with to a broker who will assist in obtaining a policy to be used during the pregnancy and delivery. This coverage will not take effect until a confirmed pregnancy has been established by the clinic. The Intended Parents will be responsible for all out-of-pocket costs.


You may review the qualifications here.

Do you use my eggs for the pregnancy?

No, we only provide gestational surrogacy at An Eggceptional Match. As a result, there is no genetic connection between the gestational carrier (surrogate) and the unborn child.

Why would I not be accepted into the gestational surrogacy program?

Being denied from our GC program is primarily due to your state’s surrogacy laws. Aside from that, your previous pregnancies’ delivery records must be free of serious medical and psychological complications. Your doctor must also sign a written release stating that you are physically and emotionally capable of carrying another pregnancy.

Why does receiving government assistance disqualify me?

A gestational carrier must be financially stable to qualify as a GC. It is also an attribute that most Intended Parents look for and can indicate that you are interested in gestational surrogacy because of your desire to help others. Furthermore, the compensation you receive may make you ineligible for most government-assisted programs.

Is surrogacy legal?

Each state’s rules and regulations are constantly changing. Essentially, it is determined by the state in which you reside.

Is it safe to carry a child for someone else?

AEM genuinely cares about the clients, egg donors, and gestational carriers we are fortunate to call family. We would never intentionally place you in a position where you would be at risk. The fertility clinic the IPs have chosen will speak with you about potential risk factors and side effects of the medications used during the journey as well as those used for the embryo transfer. It is also critical that you speak with your regular OB about your ability to carry safely again while obtaining your OB Clearance Letter. Your OB will best advise if this is a safe journey for you personally as well as discuss the usual risks that come with any pregnancy.


What is common compensation for a GC?

The standard recommended compensation for a gestational carrier is between $40,000 and $58,000 for a singleton birth (this will vary from case to case, experienced carriers or carriers with surrogate friendly insurance may request a higher compensation). Consideration for carrying multiples will increase your compensation per fetus. While An Eggceptional Match will advise you on industry standards, the requested compensation is entirely up to you. This compensation package does not include stipends for the duration of the journey.


How long does it take to be matched?

An Eggceptional Match is a full service, boutique style agency that custom matches you. A match can be successful within in a few weeks or sometimes it can take a few months; it is possible that a match does not occur. A custom and thoughtful match depends on many factors including personalities, location, fees, insurance coverage and compatible moral/ethical beliefs. Although we realize you are eager to get started on your journey, we strive to ensure the best possible match based on all parties’ desires and needs.

Do my religious or cultural beliefs influence matching with IPs?

Yes, it is possible. Each match is unique, which may be one of the criteria the IPs are looking for in their journey..


Will I have to administer shots for the journey?

Yes. The shots are given at home. You can do them yourself or enlist the assistance of a friend or family member. The clinical team will show you how to prepare and administer your medication as well as provide documentation and sometimes videos for your reference.

Can I use my previous OB for my journey?

Possibly. Some intended parents prefer to make that decision together, whereas others are content to work with whoever you feel most at ease with.

What if I do not become pregnant?

Most Gestational Carrier Agreements are drafted to reflect a negotiated number of transfer attempts within a 12-month period.

What types of rules/laws are in place to protect me?

An Eggceptional Match will refer legal counsel to you during your cycle who are well versed in our industry and familiar with the laws and statues in the state of your planned delivery.

What kind of legal contract is required to protect me?

Your contract will be specifically originated for gestational surrogacy in the state where the birth will take place. It will include all information pertaining to finances, the birth plan, and all expectations of both parties. In Colorado, a PBO (pre-birth order) will determine the legal parent(s) of the offspring prior to delivery.

What is included in a legal contract that a GC would sign?

This is a very lengthy and detailed document that your attorney will review with you prior to finalization and filing. It will include all financial information, the birth plan and both parties’ expectations

Is there an emergency number for 24/7 contact?

We provide an after-hours number, however, in the case of a true medical emergency you are advised to call your fertility doctor or 911 for immediate assistance.

Who will pay the bills for the pregnancy visits?

The Intended Parents will be responsible for all expenses directly related to the pregnancy. The insurance in place should cover all medical bills; however, we are aware that there are out-of-pocket costs, co-pays, and deductibles that must be met, and you, as a carrier, may receive invoices in the mail. if you receive a medical invoice directly related to your surrogate pregnancy, please send it to our agency so that we can assist you.

What am I responsible for after the baby is born?

Taking good care of YOU! You must give your body and mind time to recover.

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