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Donor Egg Program
Intended Parents

An Eggceptional Match would like to take a moment to thank you for considering our agency and trusting our expertise with your family planning. We pride ourselves on being owned and operated by a fertility nurse with firsthand experience in the area of assisted reproduction. We are not only able to offer you some of the most qualified candidates for egg donation, but also the medical knowledge to reassure you of the decisions you are making before and throughout your journey.

We realize the decision to use an egg donor is not easy. At AEM we are here to help the process run as efficiently and stress-free as possible. Whether this is your first time or your fifth attempt at egg donation, we promise to help you navigate each step throughout the experience to increase your chances of success along the way.

Our donors are all carefully screened and range between the ages of 18 and 33 years old. Additionally, they are all non-tobacco users with a clean health history.

Once you have chosen a donor our staff will counsel your chosen candidate on the time commitment, personal accountability and the level of reliability expected from them prior to proceeding to the preliminary medical screening. Furthermore, your candidate will be fully advised of all the medical interventions, injections, and procedures they will undergo on your behalf.

First time donors are compensated between $8,000 and $10,000 for their time and effort. A “proven” or “exceptional status” donor may request a higher compensation. See what some of our previous donors have to say about working with AEM:

“I am a donor with AEM and have been for 2 and half years. AEM is an amazing agency and my donations with them have been an amazing experience for me. Angela is a wonderful person who has dedicated her life to her work and her clients. She has helped me with each of my donations and has paired me with some outstanding people. Angela is honest, thoughtful, and devoted. She has helped to coordinate each donation to allow me the least amount of stress during the process and has always looked out for my best interest. I could not have wished for a better person to help me through all of the processes associated with one of the most unbelievable experiences in my life. Angela is an exceptional person and AEM is an incredible agency.”
– Arizona Donor

“I just wanted to say it has truly been a pleasure to work with you. I sincerely appreciate you answering all my questions in a timely manner and keeping me in the loop on everything. I have not had this same experience previously….so thank you!!!!”
– Washington Donor

“You have been a dream to work with!! I will definitely miss working with you! I tell everyone if they are going to be donating eggs, to go through you. Just let it be known how much you touch each and every person’s life.”
– Colorado Donor

Having the same blood type is not necessary for matching, however, if it is important to you for personal reasons you may use the following chart from the American Red Cross to help explain the inheritance pattern of blood typing:

What to expect
Step 1 - Complete the online questionnaire
Intended parents are asked to complete a Recipient Questionnaire along with providing 1-2 photos of themselves. Personal files and photos are for the private use of AEM with the intention of matching candidates with prospective parents and will not be shared with any third parties.
Step 2 - Choosing a donor candidate
We understand choosing a donor candidate can be an overwhelming process. Some things to consider while reviewing your candidate may be: anonymous vs. open donations, physical characteristics, family history, personality traits, academic, artistic or musical background. Only you can determine what is most important for your family building. Once you have reached a decision on your donor choice, a non-refundable but transferable $500 retainer will place the candidate on “hold.” AEM will submit the candidate’s profile and medical records to the prospective parent’s fertility clinic for preliminary clinical approval.
Step 3 - Donor approval and payment
Following your donor candidate’s preliminary clinical approval, the Agency Agreement and Fee Schedule need to be signed and the escrow be satisfied in full prior to proceeding.
Step 4 - Donor testing & evaluations
The fertility clinic will now need to perform blood work and an ultrasound on your donor candidate during days 2-4 of her menses (period). The clinic will be testing for hormone levels within normal range of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), Estradiol and AMH (anti-mullerian hormone), (testing requirements will vary from each clinic). Some clinics may also require an ultrasound to be performed to determine antral-follicle count (resting follicles). All of these tests will help determine ovarian quality and reserve of your donor candidate.

A licensed social worker or psychologist will screen your donor candidate by performing a face to face interview and written MMPI or PAI. You may use the psychologist at your clinic or we are happy to refer one to you. As prospective parents, you are also required to pass a psychological evaluation. Documentation of your evaluation will need to be submitted to AEM prior to proceeding, confirmation can be emailed upon completion by your clinic.

Once your donor passes her psychological screening, she will now undergo drug, genetic and communicable disease screening with your fertility clinic before she is allowed to proceed with the process.

Step 5 - Legal contracts
Legal contracts will be originated by attorneys within the AEM referral network. AEM will coordinate legal counsel for the egg donor on behalf of the prospective parents. If the prospective parents use legal counsel outside the AEM referral network please note that flat fee quotes would not apply. The prospective parents reserve the right to waive legal counsel or seek alternative representation on their own behalf. Please note that legal counsel must specialize in reproductive law and be licensed to practice law in the state that you will be working in. AEM encourages all parties to seek legal representation.

You should also be counseled by your fertility clinic at this point about genetic screening for any inherited diseases that could occur with her particular ethnicity; these could include but are not limited to Cystic Fibrosis, Tay-Sachs, Thalassemia, Sickle Cell Anemia, Fragile X and Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Step 6 - Retrieval
After legal clearance, your clinic will provide a calendar for the cycle outlining medication protocol, appointments, and retrieval. The donor follows calendar, takes medication, attends various appointments for lab work and ultrasounds until the retrieval.
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