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Gestational Carrier Program
Intended Parents


Thank you for your interest in An Eggceptional Match and for trusting our expertise with your journey. Our program director Angela Bevill, RN, BSN is specialized in the field of infertility and has 20 years of industry experience. We pride ourselves on our efficiency, organization, and the compassion we can provide to our clients as you embark on this exciting journey. The rapport we have spent years building with our partnering fertility clinics is further proof of their trust in our abilities to help you to reach your end goal in growing your family while collaborating with a GC (gestational carrier).

We realize that you’ve come a long way in your fertility treatment to this point and no matter how you’ve reached the decision to collaborate with a GC, choosing to begin or grow your family using a GC takes commitment, dedication, and patience. Our goal is to make this journey a memorable one and guide and educate you every step of the way. We are your advocate and are here to look out for your best interests from emotional to financial.

To begin the process, we will need you to complete our online Recipient Questionnaire and upload a few photos for your prospective GC to review. Please take some time to write a message to your GC so she may get to know you better.Once we receive the questionnaire and you have chosen your GC our non-refundable, but transferrable, $500 Agency Retainer is required within 48 hours. Upon receipt we will submit her profile and all previous pregnancy related medical records to your fertility clinic for their review. Upon the clinic’s approval, we will arrange a match meeting in person or via video conference with you and your selected GC and her partner. The next step will be to submit and sign your Agency Agreements and submit the first agency installment. Upon receipt, your GC will schedule her medical and psychological screening appointments with your fertility clinic.

Once your selected GC has been cleared by your fertility clinic, we will refer you and your carrier to attorneys who specialize in reproductive law to draft, revise, and finalize your GCA (Gestational Carrier Agreement). Once contracts are complete, your GC will begin her medication protocol to prepare her uterine lining for your embryo transfer.

With any GC cycle, there are unforeseen costs and expenses. Although we do our best to help you budget with the quotes provided, this is only an estimate of your total cost and may change case by case.

Thank you again and we look forward to being a part of this very exciting journey in building your family. Your success is our success so rest assured you’re in great hands!

Our Commitment To You

AEM will advise and support all parties throughout their journey. We strive to provide all necessary resources including outside referrals if necessary.

* Advertisement and recruitment of qualified Gestational Carriers (GC)

* Application review, phone screening and interview (in person or via SKYPE)

* Background check

* OB/delivery records collection and review

* Approval coordination of GC with fertility clinic

* Arranging medical & psychological screening for GC at chosen fertility clinic

* Referrals to attorneys specializing in Reproductive Law

* Liaison between prospective parents, GC, and attorneys

* Refer industry professionals to assist in obtaining health/life insurance for GC

* Travel coordination as necessary

* Coordination of GC support group through third party counseling

* GC transportation assistance

* Attend procedures with GC if needed

* Coordinate Birth Plan between parties

* Escrow account management for duration of cycle including post-partum invoices

* Manage monthly compensation/reimbursements to GC via escrow

* Monthly statements to prospective parents via e-mail

* Liaison between all parties for duration and post-partum as necessary/desired

* On-going emotional support and guidance throughout cycle, pregnancy, and post-partum for prospective parents and GC

GC Qualifications

Our GC candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be between the ages of 21 and 44
  • U.S. citizen residing in the U.S. with surro-friendly laws
  • Healthy lifestyle & excellent health history (Non-smoking, no history of alcoholism, drug abuse, or clinical mental illness)
  • Ideal BMI of 19-32 (check with this BMI Calculator)
  • No use of medications that would be harmful to pregnancy (including psychotropics)
  • Must pass a physical and psychological evaluation
  • Partner (if applicable) must be available for evaluation
  • Must have given birth to and parented at least one child
  • No history of extreme post-partum depression
  • No more than 5 deliveries including no more than 3 C-sections (Surro-cycle can be the 6th)
  • Currently not breastfeeding (Although you may start the application process during weaning)
  • Supportive and stable living environment
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