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I was never able to see the whole picture behind my computer screen, until one beautiful day!


My name is Abbey and I am the Intake Coordinator at An Eggceptional Match!

Somehow, I stumbled upon my wonderful job not knowing a lot about Egg Donors and Gestational Carriers, however, I fell in love with my job immediately! It still amazes me to see how everything works behind the scenes and every little detail that goes into one cycle! It is so very rewarding to me to know that I was making a difference in this world and more importantly in our client’s lives! However, I was never able to see the whole picture behind my computer screen, until one beautiful day!

I was going about my day to day routine at the office when I received a text from Angela, our director, asking if I would like to see a Gestational Carrier baby and meet the intended parents. My heart immediately started to race, of course, I wanted to meet the baby!  I cheerfully replied YES and anxiously waited for Angela and her daughter Gabby to come to pick me up.

Fast forward to our arrival at the hospital, balloons and flowers in hand, we arrived to the labor deck!  I remember feeling nervous and excited at the same time! We found their room and there they were; the new mom and baby! The beaming mother told us about how she had rushed to the hospital when she heard that her carrier was in labor. She wanted to get there as soon as possible to see her little girl’s arrival which meant putting the pedal to the metal! She arrived right after her baby was born! As she was talking she picked up her child and the love that I saw between them was unimaginable; it still makes me tear up.  She looked like she never wanted to let go of her little treasure. However, she very carefully handed her to Angela, then Gabby got to hold her, right before her dad walked in!

He was preparing his new family for discharge, so he was not in the room upon our arrival.  He walked in and his eyes immediately began searching the room and locked on his baby. You could tell that he wanted to hold her, so Gabby, of course, handed her to him. He would not take his eyes off her, staring down at her like she might crawl away somehow. You could tell that this little bundle of joy would be loved unconditionally, cherished and spoiled by her loving parents.

It was almost time to leave and I was the last one to hold that beautiful little baby. She was perfect in every way, cooing and wiggling just a little bit. She was amazing, I know that I was not the only one in the room who thought the same thing!

It was at that moment everything became real for me! Even though I was a small part of the whole cycle, I was making a difference in this world. So that our clients that long to have children could have a family that they could give their unconditional love to. So many parties partook in this journey and we were finally able to give them something that they had been hoping and praying for!  To help them be able to breathe after a long, grueling process that took years and to finally see the whole picture, was honestly one of the most amazing experiences I’ve been able to witness!