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This donor wanted to share the way egg donation changed her perspective and her life entirely!

It’s hard to believe this was 3 years ago. One of the most challenging times of my life….

• I was injecting myself daily. No not because I was a druggy. Because I was stimulating the growth of my eggs and preparing for a donation. Yes I donated my eggs, “like a chicken”, as some of my silly friends would say. 🤪

• After learning about the struggles so many couples go through to have kids and reflecting on my moms struggles to have kids after me- over a dozen miscarriages and countless tears. I knew that the opportunity was meant for me! The day I learned about it was the day I signed up. 😃

• It wasn’t until about 3.5 years later when I was contacted and requested to donate to an anonymous couple. A week later, a SECOND couple requested my ova, too. Back to back stimulation and procedures!? 😳

• I cried.. I cried happy tears so hard for so long because I knew this was the greatest blessing to have ever come my way, and just at the right time. I had made the decision to finally walk away from a toxic relationship that SAME week. I wasn’t quite sure if I had the strength to truly walk away for good but I knew I wanted to be free of that mess. The donation request was like the doorway. On one side of the doorway was my life as I knew it. And on the other… well…sacrifice, patience, strength, selflessness and perseverance. All things that were foreign to me prior to the doorway falling from the sky!! 🚪🙏

• But I did it. Every single person I knew told me it was a bad idea. Talks of the “what if’s” became the norm. I had to walk away from people who I cared about because they chose not to support my decision. But ultimately it was up to me. I wanted to do it even if it meant a the worst case scenario became reality. I accepted all that came with it- the pain, the frustration, the uncertainty, the uncontrollable hunger and the relationship issues. The emotional gain of knowing I GAVE something of me to make a difference in the life of someone else was LIFE CHANGING. This whole process also came with about $10,000 compensation after the two procedures were completed, which of course was also LIFE CHANGING.

• This newfound love for giving, my new sense of pride and the funds were what I used to CHANGE MY LIFE. Shortly after it was all said and done, I quit my job, cut all ties with the toxic ex, moved all of my belongings into storage, and put myself through truck driving school!.. and well.. you know the rest from there 😁😊☺️

• I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be an egg donor because the experience shaped me into ME 😊❤️ and the money gave me my ticket to explore more ways to better me and continually better the lives of others around me.