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Frequently Asked Questions
Intended Parent

Why Choose An Eggceptional Match?

An Eggceptional Match has been helping to create families since 2002. We assist with every intricate detail of your journey, while ensuring that you feel supported and educated throughout the process. You’re not clients here at AEM, you’re family!

Do You Recommend Any Books?

Of course! Please visit www.donatedeggs.com/books for a list of helpful books for additional support.  These resources should not substitute for medical treatment or professional therapy.

Do I have to be married to work with a Gestational Carrier or Egg Donor?

An Eggceptional Match has a strict non-discrimination rule. We work with clients of all races, sexual orientation, ages, marital status, and religious backgrounds. Fertility Clinical Policies and Assisted Reproductive Laws may vary from state to state, and we will ensure that you are referred to an experienced third-party reproductive attorney licensed in your state.

How long does it take to be matched?

An Eggceptional Match is a full service, boutique style agency that custom matches you. A match can be successful within in a few weeks or sometimes it can take a few months; it is possible that a match does not occur. A custom and thoughtful match depends on many factors including personalities, location, fees, insurance coverage and compatible moral/ethical beliefs. Although we realize you are eager to get started on your journey, we strive to ensure the best possible match based on all parties’ desires and needs.

Does An Eggceptional Match coordinate cycles out of state?

AEM matches Intended parents with egg donors and gestational carriers (also referred to as surrogates) throughout the United States and internationally.

Is there an emergency number for 24/7 contact?

We provide an after-hours number, however, in the case of a true medical emergency you are advised to call your fertility doctor or 911 for immediate assistance.

Is there financing available for IP’s?

  • Financing programs for IVF are available online via RESOLVE and other sources. You may also discuss a payment plan or cash pay options directly with your IVF clinic. Not all clinics will participate.

Will we have to pay out of pocket for egg/sperm retrieval if our insurance does not cover it? How much does that usually run?

Fees vary largely by clinic. Please contact your clinic directly for an estimate.

Does the agency charge differently if we pay cash, check, or credit card?

No, however, we can only take cash (bank wire) or a certified check for gestational carrier cycles given the large escrow needs.

Which expenses from my journey are tax deductible?

We are not tax professionals and you will need to consult with a tax professional to assist you with your tax needs. A common guideline is that infertility treatments performed by the taxpayer, the spouse of the taxpayer or the dependent of the taxpayer can be itemized. For more information, please visit IRS Publication 502

Has the agency been involved in any lawsuits or legal disputes?


Should we risk going with a GC who has had miscarriages and pregnancy terminations?

Miscarriages can be typical and depending on the number of miscarriages and or cause, this could be a moot point. Terminations have no bearing on successful implantation unless they have had scarring from numerous procedures. Someone with the above status would be ruled out. In any case, a uterine evaluation is performed by your doctor before fully approving your selected GC.

Egg Donor

What steps can I expect with my egg donor journey?

AEM will be here to guide you through the process as each journey is unique. You may review our process flow here.

What type of donations are there?

Anonymous: No identifying information will be shared between the parties in this type of donation and no direct contact will take place.

Semi-open/semi-known: Only the first names of the parties with no direct contact will be shared within this type of donation. Please note that AEM can no longer guarantee your anonymity once your names have been disclosed.

Open: Within this type of donation, each party will be provided with the demographic identification of the other parties. This may be for the purpose of establishing a relationship/bond with each other, for annual updates or for future medical updates.

How are egg donors selected?

An Eggceptional Match reviews each applicant extensively prior to approval. We disqualify women with a medical and social history that makes them ineligible for donation. We are looking for healthy women between the ages of 19-33 and without a history of genetic abnormalities that could be passed on to the offspring.

How much will the egg donation process cost?

There are several factors that can contribute to the cost of your cycle. Please visit our Donor Egg Program (Intended Parents) page to view the Fees and Payment Schedule or call our office directly.

What types of rules/laws are in place to protect us?

An Eggceptional Match will refer you to legal counsel who is licensed in the state that you intend to perform your medical treatment. Laws vary from state to state and change often.

What if the agency cancels the cycle because of poor performance?

  • The agency is not responsible for making that decision. This is a decision made by your fertility doctor. You will be responsible for all charges relating to your cycle up to the point of cancellation. Charges by the Agency shall be determined by where you are in the cycle at the time of cancellation.

Does the agency adhere to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine Guidelines for Oocyte Donation?

AEM works to adhere to the guidelines recommended by ASRM, however, your clinical team will be able to advise the best decision based on your journey.

Gestational Carrier

What steps can I expect with my surrogacy journey?

AEM will be here to guide you through the process as each journey is unique. You may review our process flow here.

What if our gestational carrier does not become pregnant with the first embryo transfer?

Most Gestational Carrier Agreements are drafted to reflect a negotiated number of transfer attempts within a 12-month period.

What is the likelihood that a GC who has delivered twins for every surrogacy will have the same result with us?

This will largely depend on the quantity and quality of the embryos you transfer into the uterus. This discussion and decision will take place between you, your physician, and the embryologist at your selected fertility clinic.

If the GC is in another state, and we can go to minimal appointments, will we get the results of the appointments (especially the ultrasounds)?

Yes, the clinic will send the results directly to you, your GC, and the agency. AEM will also assist in updating all parties as information is provided.

Does the GC’s religious preference or cultural beliefs have an effect on choosing us as IPs?

Yes, it could. You will also have to be chosen by the GC candidate that you are interested in. This is equally as much her journey and she will have thoughts and input on the relationship.

Does the GC undergo a psychological screening before being placed on any prospective lists? Who performs this screening?

Our experienced GC’s have been screened, however, testing does expire and may need to be repeated per your clinic’s policies. This is usually done by in-house staff at your fertility clinic or outsourced to a licensed social worker or a Ph.D. specialized in our field. First-time carriers will not be screened until they are chosen as most clinics will determine who they want to use for screening and will require screening at the time of the cycle.

Based on the applications, the GC sounds great, but what if they slip up and smoke, drink, get into an abusive situation that might harm them and/or the baby? What protects us?

Everyone enters a surrogacy journey with the best of intentions. Contractually, it will be important for you to include any type of concern that may arise. It is not only legal contractual protection but also blind faith to embark on a journey such as gestational surrogacy. Staying in touch with your carrier and maintaining a healthy relationship with clear communication will help ensure that everyone is on the same page.

What kind of legal contract is required to protect us and the GC?

Your contract will be specifically originated for gestational surrogacy in the state where the birth will take place. It will include all information pertaining to finances, the birth plan, and all expectations of both parties. In Colorado, a PBO (pre-birth order) will determine the legal parent(s) of the offspring prior to delivery.

What is included in a legal contract that a we would sign?

This is a very lengthy and detailed document that your attorney will draft and review with you prior to finalization and filing. It will include all financial information, the birth plan and all expectations of both parties.

What happens if the GC changes her mind before or during the process? Do we have anything to protect us legally?

Since we do not arrange traditional surrogacy (where the baby has a biological link to the GC) you are more protected. All your (and her) rights and responsibilities will be detailed in your Gestational Carrier Agreement and notarized prior to filing with the state in which the birth takes place. All GCs are also very closely screened, both medically and psychologically, by your chosen clinical team prior to being fully approved for embryo transfer.

What type of medical coverage for the carrier does the agency provide and what are the terms?

AEM will refer you to an unbiased third-party specialist to review the insurance policy of your chosen carrier to determine policy eligibility for a surrogacy cycle. If the GC has a clear exclusion or is uninsured, the broker will assist you and your chosen GC in securing a policy to be used during the pregnancy and delivery. This coverage will not take effect until a confirmed pregnancy has been established by the clinic. You will be responsible for all out-of-pocket expenses until this milestone has been met.

What does a GC’s insurance cover that we will not have to pay? Why is it important for the GC to have surrogacy coverage on their insurance? How does that help us financially?

What is covered largely depends on the type of insurance the GC has. You will be responsible for any increase in the premiums due to the use, co-payment, and deductibility of maternity benefits as they relate directly to pregnancy. This insurance would not be used until an ongoing pregnancy has been confirmed; any treatments leading to a confirmed pregnancy would be the responsibility of the Intended Parent(s).

While a GC with her own insurance can save you money on monthly premiums throughout the pregnancy, it is rare to find policies without clear exclusions.

Will we have to adopt our baby once its born since I did not deliver my baby?

Colorado allows for a pre-birth order to be filed between 16-20 weeks gestation. In other states, this process varies depending on the county, statute and/or the judge. Your attorney will be able to advise you best.

Once the baby is born, what is the process for legally making the child ours? How long does that take? How long do we have to remain in CO (or whatever state the GC is in) before taking the baby home to another state?

Laws and statues vary by state. In Colorado, your assigned attorney will file a pre-birth order between 16-20 weeks of gestation so that when your child is born your names are already on the birth certificate and you are identified as the legal parent(s).  AEM will refer you to appropriate counsel to better guide you on the laws and statutes in your state.

You can take your child home as soon as he or she is discharged from the hospital.

Why is it more expensive for a 2nd or 3rd time GC, rather than a first time GC?

The experienced GC will be able to complete the cycle with prior knowledge and understanding, which in turn lends more confidence to the carrier and less stress to all involved in the process. In some cases, an experienced carrier will already have maternity clothes and a psychological screening completed that can be reused to save money for the intended parent(s). They have also proved themselves to be responsible and emotionally stable women who can fulfill their obligations without additional concern.

How much is the GC compensated? When is the compensation given to the GC? When will it be dispersed? Can the GC set her own level of compensation? What is it based on?

Standard industry compensation for GCs is between $40,000 and $58,000. This is their base compensation, not including the initial stipends set out in the fee schedule. Compensation is paid out as the cycle progresses and we reach successful milestones. Her base compensation does not begin until two confirmed fetal heartbeat ultrasounds are reported by your clinic.

Your GC’s funds will be dispersed by the first day of each month. Yes, she can negotiate reimbursement compensation, and AEM advises all GCs on the matter. Compensation must be agreed upon by all parties and AEM will help to mediate this process to prevent any unpleasant communication between the parties.

Can you guarantee a fixed cost for our gestational carrier journey?

No, each individual journey is different and comes with “variable expenses”. While we cannot guarantee a fixed price, we do outline many variable expenses for your review within our fee structure.

Are the fees refundable if we change our mind, or if the GC backs out of the agreement?

Some of the fees are refundable. Both the Agency and the GC earn fees as the cycle progresses. Your agency fee may be transferred to another GC if you decide to choose an alternative candidate from the AEM program prior to legal clearance. However, there is an additional fee to interview, screen, and re-match you to a new GC.

Can certain items be removed from the fee list if they are deemed not needed or necessary?

The fee schedule is a comprehensive list of potential expenditures to help meet your budgetary needs. The total estimated amount will be determined and set out in the Gestational Carrier Agreement, and a complete list of the expenses that you will encounter will be outlined in detail.

Does the agency recommend an escrow service?

No, at AEM we escrow our own cycles to ensure prompt payments to all providers and to your GC. We provide monthly accounting and make all our transactions transparent.

Can the cost be lessened/reduced at all?

Cost depends on the GC you choose, her insurance coverage, travel expenses and variable reimbursements. AEM negotiates all rates and expenses on your behalf to save funds whenever possible.

If we pay for the GC expenses does the agency provide an itemized list of expenses? Do we get this list before paying anything?

The fee schedule that you agree to provides a comprehensive list of variable expenditures. AEM also distributes a monthly itemized statement reflecting any payments released from your escrow.